9 Necessities to Know Before Hiring a Listing Agent

Always interview your agent to learn what services they can offer to make sure they meet your needs.

  1. Do they work as a full-time realtor?
    All agents on the Zeboor Van Duinen (ZVD) Team work as full-time agents so they are always there when you need to reach them.
  2. Do they have a full-time assistant and sales team?
    Selling or purchasing a home can be stressful. Knowing that there is someone always available can ease some of your worries. The ZVD Team has agents available to help you every step of the way.
  3. What areas of the market to they specialize in?
    Our team is exclusive to the residential real estate market. It’s our business to help you buy or sell your home.
  4. Do they have a marketing plan to sell your home?
    We’ll create a custom website just for your home that is advertised on 15 websites including: GRAR, Remax, Zillow, Trulia, & Craigslist.
  5. How many properties do they sell each year?
    Even in the current real estate market, the ZVD Team sold over 150 homes in 2012.
  6. After your home is listed, how often will you hear from them?
    Our agents will give you weekly updates via phone and/or email. If there is a showing, you will hear from us shortly afterward. If there are changes in your neighborhood, you will hear from us. We are always working for you.
  7. Can you cancel your listing at any time?
    Our Easy Exit Guarantee allows you to cancel your listing at any time without any cost to you if you are dissatisfied with our service.
  8. How many listings do they carry at any time?
    Our team consistently has 30–40 listings at one time.
  9. Do they do open houses?
    Yes. We will hold an open house on your home 1–2 times per month to ensure that it is being seen.
    We have sold several homes as the result of an open house.
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